Friday, September 16, 2022

Days 1 and 2 of the pantry challenge.


  Been a bit of a snafu here.  As usual, Annie makes plans and God laughs. I have not been feeling well since Wednesday and now it has erupted into a full blown bit of buggery.  Went to the dr yesterday and am starting antibiotics today, after himself picks them up on his way home. I have felt horrid, have had to cancel plans twice this week and may have to cancel tonight.  I didn't sleep well and am in a lot of pain. So...that being said, I have not been able to do the shopping I had planned to round things up before starting the pantry challenge on the 15th. (yesterday).  But by the time I got out of the clinic yesterday, I was running out of time to make supper. I got home about half an hour before he did. I seriously thought about stopping and getting a rotisserie chicken, something I could make a quick easy meal around.  Then I thought-- no, I have stuff at home.  It had been a hot September day, and I had salad greens that needed using, so I just came straight home and got busy. 

  I had some leftover hummus from Meatless Monday, had some cukes and odds and ends of vegetables.  Had some little instant soup packets I had picked up at Big Lots, a Pad Thai soup. So I set to work and before he got home, I had supper on the table.  All made from things I had here at home. It looked like this: 

 Home made hummus. Edamame from the freezer.  Canned (home again) baby carrots. Onions, cukes,black olives,radishes.  Yum.   And those little soup packets (all natural ingredients) were really quite good.  If I see them again, I will buy them for quick use. Mix, 1 c water.  2 minutes total in microwave. It's from the UK.  

Might check and see if Amazon has them by the case. They'd be a handy lunch for cold winter days.

  Anyway.  Today is Friday and I am not terribly motivated to work too hard at supper.  I just had a bowl of multi grain Cheerios for breakfast/ lunch.  Supper tonight will be fish cakes made with canned tuna. I keep that stuff super stocked at all times. It's a cheap and easy to make a lot of things with source of protein. We really like the tuna croquettes, made with cracker crumbs and egg and onion and some spices.  I'll open a jar of my home canned applesauce and heat up some leftover potatoes and maybe open a can of peas.  Voila. Supper.  Out of the pantry. Day 2.  

  I've had a lot of practice making meals out of what I have on hand. We live just far enough out in the country that I can't run to the grocery easily, and the 2 small mom and pop grocery stores close to me are much more expensive than Aldi or the bigger box supermarkets.  Our country road is never the first to be plowed and cleaned up during winter snows, so it can be an issue getting out to the main road from here.  Hence, making meals out of what's in the house.  It's exciting sometimes. lol

  Tonight's supper will look like this (more or less) :  

  With sides.  lol  Have some cut up watermelon for dessert.   Life is good on Honeysuckle Hill.

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