Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wait...WHAT ??

 We are getting about a week of rain.  And very cool temperatures.  It was 87 on Monday and 60 today. 53 right now, around midnight.  And staying like this for the rest of the week.

  Good thing I like the rain.

 However. This weather is not conducive to getting a garden planted. The old "April Showers bring May Flowers" is getting a little messed up here.  Like a late uninvited dinner guest, it's causing a ruckus.  Bad enough that we are not getting anything done in a timely manner this year.  Bad enough that we can't seem to agree on anything this year.  Bad enough that I still have no strength in my wrist and can't just get out there and do some of the stuff myself. First the temps were scorching and now they're uber wet and frigid.  Ai Yi Yi...

 I made a big pot of 5 bean turkey chili this afternoon. I pulled the last quart of tomato sauce off the shelf.  ARRGGHHhhhh  !!!!   IT'S ONLY MAY !!!!!!  The green beans are getting low too, but there's a good dozen jars or more of that. The Vitamix will make it even easier to can tomato sauce this year. and I will definitely have to check how much I canned (thank you, Garden Journal!!) and up that number for this year.  I'm really happy with the way we have utilized the pantry resources this year.

It looked like this at the beginning of the winter...I love the look of canned foods, don't you ?

The jars below are all my dried goods...some flours and sugar, mostly fruits and vegetables that I have grown and dehydrated.  I'm learning to remember to incorporate more and more of my dried foods into  meals.  It's been wonderful.  Especially since I've almost lost my lunch looking at the incredible increase in grocery store prices this year.  Bad news:  it's not going to get any better, folks. Better learn some ways to feed yourselves.

This is what my garden should be looking like by now.:

 Instead, it looks like this:

  Ah due time...

 I'm getting some spearmint from a pal this year and need to figure out where I want to put it. It will be out somewhere in the back edge of the will grow into a lovely patch, almost a small hedge. I have about 2 weeks to pick a spot and get the thing ready.  I love spearmint...

  We are eating lettuce, spinach and kale and chives and walking onions out of the garden cold box.    At least there's that.   lol

  Well...I've prattled on long enough here. I do need to go to bed.

  Dreaming of gardens and rows upon rows of beautiful preserved foods. 

  If the rain ever stops...  lol


  1. I am waiting for it to be spring again too Annie!!

    1. Me too--these chilly temps are too crazy, aren't they ?

  2. It was in the 50's here. CRAZY!!! Love the rain and enjoy the cool but I'm ready for it to be consistent. Of course, for us it will be consistently hot, ha.

    1. Side note, would you let me use your middle picture of the two shelves of canned goods be one of my inspiration thursday posts? I'll of course link back to your blog and tell people to check it out. When I saw that picture, I thought "now THAT'S something that inspires me to want to can!". It wouldn't be tomorrow, it would be next Thursday. Just let m know. Thanks!!

    2. I know ! I lived in the Pacific Northwest, up in Arcata CA for a lot of years, and it has been in the high 80's and 90's there !! It's killing the fog people, lol. It is 50 here today, rain all day and I caved in and turned the furnace back on.

    3. You absolutely may use the picture--I'd be honored !! (Aren't they pretty ???)

  3. We didn't bottle enough tomato puree this year in late summer -- and I share your horror at rising food prices.

    Love these images, I think of your pantry as my own in an aspirational way.

  4. I try to keep records, so I know what I needed more of, etc... this year it was mostly tomatoes. I have a harder time with things that I dry a lot of as well as getting those numbers right.

    I love these pictures too...some of my favorites.


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