Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvest Mondays and other exciting stuff...

  It's been a week of lots of odds and ends late harvesting.  Can't believe I am still harvesting cucumbers in late September !!  The bell peppers aren't real big, but there are lots of them. I froze about 6 quarts of pepper slices, and ate those cukes with gusto ! lol

Dried most of the apples, and left a dozen in the bowl for eating for now.  Yum !

Finished up the sweet potato harvest yesterday for a grand total of about 5 bushel of them yummers. They are really good this year...

 We harvested butternuts (about 2.5 dozen nice ones)  and about 50 # of potatoes.  I picked anise hyssop to dry for tea.  Dried and froze about 20 pounds of wild persimmons. Dried a peck of peaches and some plums.  Busy busy !!

  We are still eating kale and chard, tomatoes and carrots out of the garden. Gonna leave those carrots in for a little while longer. It's cooling down in these parts, but mostly staying pleasant. This morning was a chilly 45 degrees though and the leaves are starting to fall.  I might pick green tomatoes and pickle some...we'll see. I didn't think I would like them, but ate some last night that a friend made and they were pretty good.

  Just to show off, here's a picture of my brand new shelving in the big pantry that my son put up for me. Blessings galore !!  These make it lots easier to see what I've got in that pantry than those big deep dark shelves did.  I'm using those shelves now for things like gallons of vinegar, etc. 

The bottom shelf is full of gallon jars of dried stuff...herbs, fruits and veggies, rice, beans, know. Those sturdy vinegar jug boxes made the perfect repurposed stacking system for some of them.

  And there you have it...stop by Daphne's Blog and check out Harvest Mondays and go visit lots of nice folks....

  Have a bountiful day !!!!!!!


  1. Oh yea...I also picked a bunch of Christmas Pole Limas this morning....

  2. What an awesome harvest you have been having! I would love to have the space to try sweet potatoes.

    1. It has been And sweet potatoes have become such a staple for us...I use them all the time. I plant one 25x5 ft bed with them, and this year I bought too many plan ts, so planted the big cold box too. lol

  3. You earned it, show off! Those jars represent a good harvest, hard work, and good health. :-)


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