Monday, February 4, 2013

Harvest Mondays

 Hmmm...not much harvesting going on this time of year, here in Illinois. This time of year the soil rests and the snow and rain and dying vegetation feeds everything.

  I am harvesting a good number of eggs still...I have a little mixed flock of 7 hens and so far this winter they are still doing a pretty good job of keeping me supplied with eggs. I have [preserved some eggs too...about 7 or 8 dozen back there, I think. You can keep eggs without refrigeration for a long time, as long as they haven't been washed and you coat them with shortening or an oil to keep the porous shells sealed. Anyway...

  So, the harvest for me today is eggs.  One of my favorite dishes to make when we have an abundance of this harvest (eggs) is:

A dish called  Trouchia.  It's basically a frittata, an unfolded omelet of sorts. But this one was so awesome, and I made Mary's scones to go with it, along with some country gravy.  The dish itself is almost (but not quite!) caramelized onions,  minced garlic, ribbon sliced chard (or kale, if your husband goes out to the garden for chard and comes in with a big bowl of kale...sigh....) 6 eggs, shredded parmesan and romano cheese (recipe called for gruyere and parmesan but I didn't have that, and this was a great taste anyway).  You cook the onions until translucent, then add the garlic and greens. I added about a teaspoon of honey, to sweeten the kale a little, since it wasn't chard (lol). Cook this until tender and then add fresh ground black pepper and sea salt.  I did all this in my big cast iron skillet, by the way.  It is a well seasoned skillet, so I wasn't too worried about the eggs sticking badly, even with all the cheese. I scrambled the eggs up nicely, added about a cup of the parm/romano mixture and then poured it into the skillet, over the top of the greens/onion mix.  I used EVOO to saute the stuff in, and added a little extra before pouring the eggs in. Give it a little stir to combine things nicely, then turn down the heat and let the eggs set. Top this with shredded parmesan cheese, and stick it under the broiler a few minutes. Oh. My. God.  I made some country gravy to go over the biscuits while this was cooking and the result was magnificent. The combination of those onions and the slightly sweetened kale was to die for. 

  I don't have a picture of it right now, I don't think...but it was as gorgeous as it was tasty.  I think I will make one again tonight, and definitely take a picture and come back and post that.....

And THAT, is my Harvest Monday declaration !

(PS--Hop over to Daphe's Dandelions to get the low down on Harvest Mondays!!)


  1. Sounds so good Annie and I don't even like green stuff. LOL Actually I have never tasted kale so I think to be fair I should google it. ;-)

  2. That *does* sound delicious! We have lots of eggs right now as well, so I just might have to give this a try :-)

  3. Can't complain about a meal like this.

  4. Sounds like a great meal and I'm sure hubby would say its because HE picked the Kale and not the Chard !!


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